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Latvian crew with Jouni Ampuja and Markku Hurskainen in overall ranking wins 1st place in rally raid


From 21 to 23 of August was held the penultimate - fifth stage of rally raid "Ulyanovsk Baja" of Russian Championship. The absolute fastest time showed Latvian "RE Autoclub’s" crew with Jouni Ampuja and Markku Hurskainen (Finland, "Mitsubishi MPR 10") who won 1st place.

In second place in overall ranking stayed Ijevlev Dmitry and Alexey Shaposhnikov (Russia, Nissan Datsun). Crew with Jouni Ampuja and Markku Hurskainen in this championship triumphs for the second time, the first time was at the 1st stage of Championship "Northern Forest 2015". The last stage of Championship, which will take place from 18 to 20 of September in Volgograd, Russia will be especially important, as will known winners of the Championship in overall ranking.

At the moment for the first place in overall ranking of Championship J.Ampuja and M. Hurskainen crew battling with 2 experienced crews of Russian team "PEK": Evgeny Firsov and Vadim Filatov (Toyota Hilux), as well Dmitry Ijevlev and Alexey Shaposhnikov (Nissan Datsun).  

J.Ampuja piloted crew in Prologue and first two stages were convincing in the first place, in despite of technical issues, for example, during the journey the belt breakage, problems with suspension etc. However, in final stage was broken tire and the change took few minutes as well.

"RE Autoclub's" crew in T2 class - Alexander Terentyev and Alexey Berkut (Russia, "Ford F150 SVT Raptor") took 2nd place, remaining behind Andrey Rudskov and Evgeny Zagorodnuk (Toyota LC 200).

But Maria Oparin and Sergey Lebedev (Polris RZR 1000) unfortunately remained without awards, and at T3 class in very fierce competition took 5th place.

"RE Autoclub" after the fifth stage of Russian Championship in rally raid obtained 2nd place of teams overall ranking.

In this rally raid racers had to drive 3 stages, each stage length - 191 km. Participants evaluated this rally raid good both in the event organization aspects and the chosen route - were both quick steps, but also had to go caution crossing the river. As admitted Jouni Ampuja: "There was a small consern of river crossings, because it was approximately 1 m deep, but when we successfully proceed it, I knew that we are going toward victory!"

In rally raid participated 33 crews. The team of ''RE Autoclub'' represented 3 crews:

1. Jouni Ampuja/ Markku Hurskainen from Finland (Mitsubishi MPR 10)
2. Alexander Terentyev/ Alexey Berkut from Russia (Ford Raptor F150 SVT)
4. Maria Oparina /Alexander Terentyev from Russia (Polris RZR 1000).

The championship of Russia will end in 18 to 20 of September in Volgograd, where will be the 6th and the last stage of championship.

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