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Jouni Ampuja

Jouni Ampuja - Kouvola, Finland

J.Ampuja started to participate in rally since 1994 and has been in more than 200 competitions.

In rally raids participate with:

Ford Escort
Opel Astra
Mitsubishi Evolution 4,5,6,7,8,9
Toyota Corolla WRC
Ford Focus WRC
Subaru Impreza WRC
Proton Satria Super Car
Ford Fiesta Super Car


2013 - Northern Forest - 2nd place in T1 class
2014 - Latvian Baja - 2nd place in T1 class

Achievements in the Russian Championship in rally raid 2015:

1st stage "Northern Forest" - 1st place in T1 class (Mitsubishi MPR 98)
2nd stage "Gold of Kaghana" - 2nd place in T1 class (Mitsubishi MPR 98)
5th stage "Baja Ulyanovsk" - 1st place in T1 class (Mitsubishi MPR 98)
6th stage "Great Steppe" - 2nd place in T1 class(Mitsubishi MPR 98)

My goal is to fight for the first place in the Russian Championship and as well to improve myself as a proffesional in motoring!